Academic Calender

Academic Calender

Ist Prof.BPT new batch start in Nov.-Dec.every Year.

Ist Prof.BPT Examination:
Ist Terminal 09 months after commencement of batch in the month of Aug-Sep.
Additional Ist Terminal Oct.Nov.
Sendups April-May
University Exam May-June

IInd Prof.BPT Commencement of classes in the month of July every year.

IInd Prof.BPT Examinations
Ist Terminal after 09 months i.e. From March-April.
Additional Ist Terminal May-June.
Send ups January
University Exam Feb-March

Final Prof.BPT commencement of classes in the month of April

Final Prof.BPT Examinations
Ist Terminal September
Additional Ist Terminals November
Sendups March
University Exams April-May

Cultural and Sporting activities First week of September every year i.e. from 1st - 8th September