The Institute has a well ventilated and updated Library with over 4000 books, current and back issues of National/International journals of repute, including abstracts.The library is updated every year.

The library subscribes magazines, newspapers & journals relating to topics of general nature and Specialized field of science.

Library Automation:

Our College is using Library Management System (LMS) as Library Software.

Library Rules:

  1. Books will be issued to the students on production of the Library borrower’s card that is issued by the librarian to a bonafide student at the start of the session.
  2. In order to avoid any misuse of the card a student should keep it in safe custody & report to the Librarian in case it is lost/misplaced.
  3. A duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 150/- after due verification of the lost/misplaced card.
  4. A damaged card can be replaced by surrendering it against a payment of Rs. 100/-.
  5. Books lost/misplaced by the borrower in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower .If he/she fails to do this then he/she has to submit double the cost of books in the Library.
  6. Two Books shall be issued for a period of 7 days and a fine of Rs.2/-per day shall be charged after the due date.
  7. Reference books, journals, current periodicals can be consulted only with in the college library.
  8. Books will be issued to the students during particular days / timings of the week which is mentioned clearly in the Time-table.
  9. Students are supposed to observe complete silence in the library.