Limited hostel accommodations are available. Students seeking admission to the hostel are required to apply for admission to the hostel in a prescribed form.Admission to the hostel is given on first come first serve basis.

Separate for Boys and Girls. Both hostel works under the supervision of first Lady of Trust Mrs. Suman Sharma.

For enquiries regarding Hostel fees, Rules and Regulations-Contact Office.

Hostel Rules and Regulations.

  1. Student should read the rules before signing the application form (A copy of rules is attached with the application form).
  2. Rules to be displayed in the hostel also.
  3. Duplicate keys will be made on application received from students by the Campus Administrator/Rector.
  4. Designated person should make the keys.
  5. Complaint form/Register to be provided to students.
  6. Any cleanliness matter to be brought to the notice of the Campus Administrator/ Rector.
  7. Mess to be informed about non-availability of students.
  8. Food to be served in the room on depositing Identity card in case of illness.
  9. Inspection to be done by Hostel Committee.
  10. Standard Night out forms to be provided with undertaking.
  11. Suggestion Form to be provided.
  12. Suggestion Box provided in the hostel to be opened every 15 days in the presence of Campus Administrator/ Rector and Student representative

Issues Related to Parents/ Relatives/Visitors

  1. Parents/Guardians should give an undertaking to cooperate with the Hostel authorities and should be available on call as and when required and disclose all contact details.
  2. Parents/Visitors are advised not to insist on entry beyond the designated area or visiting room as it shall disturb other students.