Anti-ragging Committee
Ragging of new comers is a serious offence and is punishable under rules. As such all the senior students are warned not to indulge themselves in the matter of ragging. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students who are found ragging new comers.

In order to keep check on ragging an anti ragging committee of the following faculty members have been constituted. They shall keep on inspecting different floors of the college now & then and if any student is found indulging himself in ragging, they should report to the higher authorities and also recommended the disciplinary action to be taken against such candidate.

S.No. Name Designation Phone No
1 Dr. Gagandeep Singh (Chairman) +91-9906092613
2 Dr. Akhil Parihar (Member) +91-9596732990
3 Dr. Neeru Bharti (Member) +91-9796808900
4 Dr. Sunanda Vaishnavi (Member) +91-9596700872
5 Dr Pooja Digra (Member) +91-9796821889